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Meet Bert!

Bert Lindsay has been in the entertainment business for 35+ years spanning the broadcast and mobile events field. Bert offers a unique, personalized approach in creating your special event. You’ll partner with Bert during the planning process to craft your event into the celebration of your dreams. Depending on the exact celebration, Bert can spend up to 20 hours just in pre-event planning. While many DJs offer a “one-price fits all, cookie-cutter performance”, Bert offers customized, personalized performances based on what you want – and need – based on Bert’s suggestions. More than “just a DJ”, Bert’s personality and wit (blended skillfully with audio/video offerings) provide the entertainment that will have your guests raving for weeks, months – even years after the event.

Services offered: Casual, Formal or somewhere in between, including Theme Parties, let Bert Lindsay entertain your friends, family, co-workers, customers or complete strangers! They’ll thank you for it…