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My Specialty

No bride wants her day to be remembered as the wedding that had terrible music, or the wedding where there wasn't any dancing or smiles due to the absence of a DJ who knows what he or she's doing.

Offering the best quality and sound a bride could only dream of having for her wedding, Bert Lindsay is the DJ for you.

Ceremonial Sound Reinforcement

Bert Lindsay can ensure your ceremonial music and spoken words are heard clearly by every guest-even those sitting in the rear. Bert Lindsay's sound reinforcement provides amplification of the participants voices as well as pre-ceremonial music for seating of the guest, processional/ recessional music and pre-recorded music played during the ceremony. Instrumentalist or Singers can also be accommodated for an additional charge.

Reception Services

Bert Lindsay is more than a DJ. He's a wedding entertainer. Playing all of your special request and music that will have your guest up and dancing. Over his 31+ years in the entertainment business, Bert has developed a presentation that will create unique memories for you and your guest. Bert has created a fun and interesting method getting best onto the dance floor early in the festivities. Nothing makes or breaks the party like a wedding entertainer.

Rehearsal Dinner

Hours before the most to important day of your life, your closest friends and family will gather to walk-through the ceremony, then dine while sharing memories. Bert Lindsay's rehearsal Dinner Revenue utilizes a game-show concept to enhance post-dinner entertainment for your wedding party. Bridesmaids match with the groomsmen, answering trivia about the Bride and Groom. We'll conclude the evening with with a head-to-head matchup between the soon-to-be newlyweds. Bert will not only host the festivities, but will also be present for the ceremonial walk-through to assist your wedding planner.