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No bride wants her day to be remembered as the wedding that had terrible music, or the wedding where there wasn't any dancing or smiles due to the absence of a DJ who knows what he or she's doing.

Offering the best quality and sound a bride could only dream of having for her wedding, Bert Lindsay is the DJ for you.

Thank you for considering entertainment for your wedding celebration thru Bert Lindsay. 

 Your wedding celebration should be among one of the happiest moments in your life. However, it can also be one of the most stressful. My goal is to ensure your celebration is stress-free, fun, exciting and memorable – not only for you, but for your friends, family and guests as well. 

With 38 years of experience in the entertainment realm, I’ve witnessed what works, what doesn’t and what could work better during your celebration. Take a moment and discover how Bert Lindsay can enhance every aspect of your celebration: from our rehearsal dinner package to our ceremony and reception services. 

You’ve chosen a beautiful, outdoor venue to exchange the special vows that will make you lifetime partners. Family and friends have travelled to witness this life-changing event. Let me ensure your ceremonial music and spoken words are heard clearly by every guest – even those seated in the rear. There’s a lot of ambient noise outdoors: birds singing, dogs barking, passing traffic, and low-flying aircraft. Under normal circumstances, you would never even notice -- but during an outdoor wedding ceremony, these sounds add distractions for the guests who are hinged on your every word. My Ceremonial Sound Reinforcement provides amplification of the participants’ voices as well as pre-ceremonial music for seating of the guests, processional / recessional music and any pre-recorded music played during the ceremony. Instrumentalists or Singers can also be accommodated for an additional charge

Not all DJs are identical; In fact, no two DJs are the same. So it’s vital to the success of your wedding celebration that you know and trust your entertainer. Your entertainer will be THE most important factor in whether your reception is a rousing success or a massive flop. Too often, the latter is the case because a DJ is hired, based solely on a low price. BIG MISTAKE.
Bert Lindsay is more than a DJ. He’s a Wedding Entertainer. Yes, he plays your special requests and the music that will inspire your guests to dance. But Bert Lindsay emcees, verbally interacting with your guests in a fun, folksy manner without ever being pushy or cheesy. Bert will never take the spotlight off of the bride or groom. For nearly 4 decades in the entertainment business, Bert has developed a presentation that will create unique memories for you and your guests. While no one can guarantee a packed and active dance floor at every reception, Bert has created a fun and interactive method of getting guests onto the dance floor early in the festivities. Time after time, when people enter the dance floor early, they are most likely to return as their favorite tunes play throughout the celebration.
Nothing makes or breaks the party like a great Wedding Entertainer. Your guests won’t dance or have a good time because of the meal, the flowers, the venue or the beautiful dress. But those things are enhanced with the right entertainment.
 Bert Lindsay also provides other celebration enhancements.

Hours before the most important day of your life, your closest circle of family and friends will gather to walk-through the ceremony. Following the rehearsal, most bridal parties dine and fellowship. With the Bert Lindsay Rehearsal Dinner Package, I provide music for the ceremonial walk-thru so members of the bridal party know entrance & exit times as well as pacing their walk down the aisle. During dinner, I provide background music of your choosing to enhance the meal. Following the meal, I utilize a game-show concept to provide fun, unique, interactive entertainment for your wedding party. Bridesmaids match wits with the Groomsmen, answering trivia about the Bride & Groom. We’ll conclude the evening with a head-to-head matchup between the soon-to-be newlyweds. Bert Lindsay hosts the festivities and is available whether Bert is performing for your ceremony and/or reception or not!